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Cornwall Golf & Country Club
2130 Vincent Massey Drive, Cornwall, ON  K6H5R6
Tee Times: 613-931-1300 Clubhouse: 613-931-1122 Fax: 613-931-3327

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    Established in 1896, the Cornwall Golf and Country Club is one of Canada's oldest golf clubs. It is recognized as the Seaway Valley's premier golf course, thus presenting an excellent challenge for all golfers featuring a variety of indigenous mature trees, plush fairways and small speedy greens.
    The club is home to the Cornwall Open, an annual invitational tournament featuring amateurs and professionals that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006.
    Members and guests relish the pub atmosphere in the Caddy Shack, fancy the fine dining in Bogey's Restaurant or simply enjoy fresh air and clear sights from the 1,800 sq. ft. patio overlooking the 18th green and the St. Lawrence River to the south.
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Date: 2009-Sep-05 Review by Dan P
    Most greens tend to slope toward the fairway. You'll always want to stay below the hole.
    Greens are average size, but quick. A bad location on the green can easily see an after putt father away then the first.
    Flag colors are a bit unusual but since the greens slope toward the front you can see the pin location quite easily.
    Still some ruff spots on the fairways even at this time of the season with a few roped off areas.
    Knowing what holes have freedom to let loose with the driver is important as a few holes have out of bounds to the right.
    Yardage markers visible at 200, 150, and 100 yards in the middle of the fairway.
    Tees are fair to good. I had to move my tee a few times to get even footing.
    No question as to the angle of the tees as to where you're going.
    A few new tees are being constructed and an extra set of tee blocks is being added.
    Clear signage is readily available.
    Water only appears on the 2nd and 17th hole. Although small in size these ponds attract a fair number of balls.
    Bunkers are strategically placed as well.
    Cornwall has a mild roll to the course and you'll almost always feel you're teeing off above the hole you're playing.
    Trees vary greatly in size and type. It doesn't like there's a lot of trees yet they always seem in the way if you're not on the fairway.
    I played in the Cornwall Open on the Labor Day Weekend. An excellent bargain and a tournament I'd highly recommend for all skill levels. I already have plans to enter in next years event.
    I believe at one point Cornwall was a private club but it is currently semi-private. No doubt the economy has been a factor.
    Cornwall is not an overly difficult track but a blow up hole can easily tarnish a good round. There's a few holes to be cautious of; namely #2 and #17. Rarely will you see a Cornwall member play down the fairway of #11 as you can shave a good amount of yardage by cutting the dogleg.
    If your putter isn't working, look out. Cornwall has some of the quicker greens in the area.
    Cornwall isn't the type of course where you'll lose many golf balls. Stay away from the out of bounds and don't dip one in the two ponds and you should complete a round the the same ball you started with.
    The course is neat and clean. The variety of trees indicates that the course was built using what was available.
    Some nice housing borders the east side and west sides of the course but should never enter play.
    Typically most courses have a few beautiful par 3s but I don't recall anything stunning on this track.
    I expected the beverage cart to be around a bit more often during the tournament but I guess golfers were more interested in a good round rather then a good drink.
    Staff went about their business professionally and efficiently.
    The clubhouse is situated on the highest point of the course and a patio overlooks the finishing par 3. A round of applause will often be given for any one who lands a ball on the 18th green.
    Inside, the clubhouse offers a fine dining area and a regular after round social lounge.
    The pro shop is well equipped.
    A full course will mean that cars will need to be parked on a grassy area but there is plenty of room for this with no fear of entering play.
    During the tournament I played with a member so it was always easy to know where the next hole was. However, it would be nice to have a course overview on the scorecard.
    The course does have one short hop between holes #6 and #7 that could be confusing and members tend not to use the paths.
    I haven't enjoyed myself so much at a tournament in a long time. The hospitality and organization of the Cornwall club was exceptional.
    I look forward to my return.
Photos: 2009-Sep-05

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