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Iroquois Golf Club
10912 Golf Club Road, Iroquois, ON  K0E1K0
Tee Times: 613-652-4367 Fax: 613-652-4750

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    Play the only 18-hole links course in Ontario offering the opportunity to golf on the bank of the mighty St. Lawrence River. The combination of a challenging golf experience, spectacular views, and unique elements of history and culture are unmatched in our area.
    As you approach on three or ten your green is back dropped by the Iroquois Control Dam if not by a huge ocean vessel making its way toward the lock. Look for the Osprey nest on hole number eleven and on eighteen there may be a Great Blue Heron standing patiently as if waiting to observe a hole in one. The open water of the St. Lawrence attracts cormorants often seen skimming the surface or a solitary loon emerging from below.
    Hole names like The Royal Oak or Galop Canal remind golfers that they tread on soil once occupied by the original town of Iroquois, moved building by building, to accommodate development of the seaway.
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Date: 2008-May-18 Review by Dan P
    The cut of the green seemed a bit uneven. Grass was a little long so speed was slower then normal. I seemed to encounter quite a few hops when a hard putt was required.
    Not much difference in grass length between fairway and rough. Sometimes it's difficult to determine the direction of the hole as other flags are seen nearby.
    Yardage markers were easy to find.
    Tees are a bit narrow which leads to chewed up par 3s.
    Scorecard and signage indicates 4 sets of tee blocks but I only saw 3. The black (back) tees were not available.
    Iroquois is flat like a doormat. Hazards are rare but there is a bit of water (a pond) and a few minor creeks traversing the course.
    A few bunkers exist but rarely enter play.
    Value for dollar is extremely good. Cart rentals are only $15 for 18 holes and green fees are extremely reasonable. Two for ones can often be had and we were given another one when we paid.
    The challenge of the course is what would hold me back from playing Iroquois again.
    A handful of holes are difficult. Of note are #4, #10, #11 and #18. These 4 holes run along the St. Lawrence and offer challenge because of the water factor.
    Iroquois has the lowest slope rating of any course I've played. I scored my best game ever.
    Look to the St. Lawrence to see if any large boats are passing by.
    Very few trees to be found.
    The town of Iroquois looks like a nice place to retire. Housing looked to be middle to upper income.
    Staff was courteous.
    No beverage cart was visible.
    A simple clubhouse design offered a breakfast and average priced snacks and drinks.
    No pro shop was available so only the purchase of minor golf supplies (balls and tees) could be had.
    I didn't notice many ball washers on the front nine but I could be wrong.
    Signage to next hole was decent but you may have to ask where the first tee is.
    Scorecard contains no course rating/slope so you'll have to ask at the clubhouse. Even those numbers were sketchy as we found it in two different ratings posted.
    Iroquois is a great learning course. Take the kids as they shouldn't get frustrated. Balls are easy to find as the really is no danger short of water.
Photos: 2008-May-18

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