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Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club
143 Front Street, Niagara on the Lake, ON  L0S1J0
Tee Times: 905-468-3424 Fax: 905-468-0479

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    Come discover this jewel of a course in the heart of Niagara's Historic area. This well-manicured test of golf sits on the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario in the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Discover its rich history as you play the oldest golf course in North America, dating all the way back to 1875.
    Classic golf, shops, restaurants, wineries, theatre, and superior accommodations all await you in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Be sure to make the Club a priority stop on your next visit.
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Date: 2007-May-26 Review by Dan P
    Small greens, with many turtle back shaped greens. Only one green with a tier. Average speed and in decent condition.
    Pleasant width of fairways, normally with mature trees overhanging the rough. If you journey off the fairway chances are you'll have to hit a low ball to approach the green or return to the fairway.
    Tees are a little uneven at times and well-played. Four sets of tees for different yardages on this 9 hole classic.
    There's a chance of hitting a stray shot over a green or off a tee onto a city street.
    Course design is very traditional and has probably not changed much over its lifetime. Even though the course is flat it is still a very unique experience.
    Niagara-on-the-Lake is worth the dollar just to play for nostalgia reasons. Beautiful location on the shore of Lake Ontario.
    A little more challenging then you would initially expect. It's not a long track. The perfect course for couples.
    Some beautiful old homes border this vintage course. A stop at the patio is a must to have a drink and enjoy the shoreline breeze.
    It's too bad more of Lake Ontario cannot be seen while playing. Trees block most of the view except near the Clubhouse patio.
    Staff was more than helpful, courteous, and friendly.
    No beverage cart was seen.
    Try the "Billy Simkin" burger (a thumbs-up from me) or enjoy a pleasant meal in the restaurant.
    Be careful where you park! Parking along the 1st fairway can run you the risk of acquiring a dint in your vehicle.
    Beautiful location! Stroll the streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake after your game or take a carriage ride.
    Who can resist playing the oldest golf course in North America?
Date: 2007-May-26 Review by Andre M
    Good, well maintained greens. Greens are medium speed and true. Older course meant mostly small greens but this made for different challenges than most courses.
    Fairways were well kept and maintained. Fairway size was fair but large overhanging trees reduced the size of the playable portion of the fairways which was a pleasant challenge.
    Tees were very average and on the smaller size. This has led to more wear and tear.
    One of the oldest courses in North America has withstood the test of time. 6100 yards from the blues is on the short size but the large and mature trees overhanging the fairways was a new and great challenge. Many second shots had to stay low and be shaped under the trees towards the green. This will surprise first time golfers at this course. The biggest downside on the design is that its all very close together and there was a lot of balls going into other fairways which was on the dangerous side.
    At $40 for weekend golf this course is excellent value. The fact that its located on prime real estate in an expensive part of Ontario makes it great value. Its a course you can afford to and want to play again.
    It's a course that although short is difficult due mainly to all the large mature overhanging trees. Its older design makes it unique and a good challenge the first time around. It made me feel i wanted to have another go at it as I'm convinced it will be much easier the second time around.
    The location is right next to Lake Ontario making it a nice scenic course. The fact its ideally located in Niagara on the Lake makes it a very pleasant experience before and after the game as well.
    The staff were pleasant and courteous. The Marshall in particular was knowledgeable, friendly and full of good advice.
    The clubhouse was nice and the club has a very good patio area overlooking the lake. The pro shop was on the small side.
    An older course with not a lot of fancy extras.
    A unique course that is a must play at least once. Very good value.
Date: 2007-May-26 Review by Greg J
    Medium sized greens were reasonably quick, smooth and mostly pretty level. On the day we played, they weren't holding particularly well, even on shots coming in quite high.
    Fairways were quite open and in good condition. Some were a little tight and the tall, mature trees made sure that spraying off the tee would make for a possible adventure. There were markers at 150 yards out, but few others except at the tees.
    Some of the tees were a little rough, but most were reasonably level. There were usually two or more tee areas with four sets of blocks.
    This was a nice layout but due to the closeness of adjacent fairways, it could be a little dangerous when busy. We found that several of the teeing areas were rather close to greens from the previous hole.
    This course can be played for a price that is quite reasonable for the area. The course was enjoyable and is one that I would play again.
    The mature trees on this course make it deceptively tough. If you venture off these fairways too much, you can expect to find yourself scrambling. Overall this was a good challenge. A player able to hit accurate irons from the tees would likely score very well here.
    Beautiful setting. The course was generally well trimmed and looked neat overall.
    Staff was friendly. We didn't see a beverage cart on the course. There also wasn't a hut or drink machine anywhere that I noticed except back at the clubhouse.
    The clubhouse and restaurant were nice. The patio was in a very nice location overlooking the water. Parking was on the streets in the residential neighbourhood and could be hazardous if you parked too close to certain holes.
    Although rain was forecast for the day we played, it didn't materialize and the sun even came out. Directions from hole to hole were very easy to follow. The scorecard did not have a map of the course.
    This is a nice, old-style golf course located right in a residential neighbourhood. Given that, it was too close to residential streets and homes for my liking.
Photos: 2007-May-26

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