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Riverbend Golf & Country Club
8089 Franktown Road, Richmond, ON  K0A2Z0
Tee Times: 613-838-3014

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Date: 2008-Jul-19 Review by Dan P
    Most greens on the front nine were long and narrow and in good shape. Green #7 was the exception being a bit on the small side.
    The back nine was slightly different. Green size tended to vary a bit more. A few greens needed a bit of work.
    Contour is consistent on greens.
    I didn't see any way to determine pin position.
    The fairways were quite lush and most were in very good condition. There were yardage markers at the 150 and 100 yardage location. Fairway width is quite generous.
    I like the tee yardage markers which are signs angled on the tee boxes. However, some have dual yardages identified on them. This led me to use the wrong club on hole #16 which showed a signage of 148/124.
    Tee boxes are only slightly raised but all seemed relatively flat. Only the par threes showed a bit of wear.
    Looking from tee to green can be a bit confusing on a couple of holes (#1 & #5).
    Bunkers can only be found on four holes (#7, #10, #13, & #17).
    Course contains no elevation so Riverbend is an easy walk.
    Course is a little bit shorter then most regulation courses as well. The tips are more like a regular men's tee distance.
    I found Riverbend to be a bit on the pricey side for the quality of course, especially for the weekend rate.
    The course is a great learning course as it won't give a good golfer much of a challenge.
    Only hole #18 will challenge a good golfer.
    The par 5 17th is quite short. I used driver then 4 iron to reach the green.
    The main hazard on the course is the Jock River which crosses quite a few holes.
    Riverbend is pleasant and clean. It's generally easy to find a ball in any area of the course.
    Although there are a fair number of trees they rarely pose an issue as they are spaced a reasonable distance apart. You'd have to be tight to the base to have a tough out.
    The pro shop staff was very helpful and the starter was extremely pleasant.
    I was annoyed at an immature employee nearly running my wife down with an electric cart and then swerving to avoid me backing out of the parking lot. I was given a dirty look when he was in the wrong at driving opposite side of the lane, too fast, and too near the cars.
    No beverage cart was visible.
    Clubhouse was clean but looked a little aged.
    Only the basics appeared to be sold in the pro shop (used balls and tees).
    Parking lot is unpaved but adequate.
    I'd recommend Riverbend get on-line booking through some source to increase there traffic.
    Despite what the scorecard says it appears muscle shirts and halter tops are allowed. I'm rather annoyed that clubs state the Rules & Regulations on their scorecards yet don't enforce them.
    Some use of the scorecard is required to find your way around the course.
    I'd recommend Riverbend for families, novices, and small office tournaments.
    And, I'm still annoyed at the kid on the cart...
Photos: 2008-Jul-19

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