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Taboo Golf Course
1209 Muskoka Beach Road, Gravenhurst, ON  P1P1R1
Tee Times: 705-687-2233 Toll Free: 800-461-0236 Fax: 705-687-7474

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    Voted one of Canada's top 50 courses, Taboo is known for its meticulous greens, manicured fairways, outstanding practice facilities and spectacular surroundings. This must play golf course is carved out of the beautiful Canadian shield and focuses on its most prominent attributes of tall white pines, mature red oaks and granite rock outcroppings. Designed by renowned golf architect Ron Garl, Taboo winds through 300 acres of scenic land. Creating the ultimate experience with detailed personal attention from our staff is our priority. Our 15 minute tee time intervals, unique to Taboo, create a feeling for the golfer of being on their own private course. We look forward to welcoming you.
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Date: 2006-Jun-11 Review by Dan P
    Wow! The best greens I've played on and we were told they weren't at their lowest cut yet. Too bad my carpet at home wasn't this nice. The temporary green on 18 was what I'm normally used to.
    The condition of the fairways were superb. I'd like to see a few more yardage markers on the fairways as the GPS system on the carts was not very dependable. Our two carts side by side were out as much as 30 yards at times.
    Normally tees are a little elevated. Spacious, and the most important thing, level.
    Difficult, but playable. Good use on the surroundings landscape.
    The new green on 18 sports 3 large pot bunkers. I was wanting to jump the rope and drop a few balls just to try getting out.
    Value for dollar is very hard to rate. It would be difficult for me to regularly pay the high price tag for a round at Taboo but it was definitely worth trying once. They treat you like gold!
    I had a lot fun and for the first time I wasn't angry about losing a ball, nor did I care. (I lie. I hate losing golf balls but I did find some nicer ones then I normally shoot.)
    If this is any indication as to what the PGA Tour plays on then I really am a duffer. I can't think on any hole that was too tough or too easy. I just know my score kept getting higher.
    Nice rock outcroppings throughout. The underbrush was trimmed but we didn't have much luck finding our stray balls when we went off the expected course of play.
    The fescue was a danger (as it should be).
    The course is breathtaking at times.
    The staff are like no other. Staff would run to stop you from lifting a finger at removing a bag from a golf cart. We had very pleasant talks with staff and always felt they were eager to please.
    The beverage cart was out of coffee and hot water for tea. The next hole the beverage cart was back but the hot water was forgotten. A radio call was made, the hot water was brought, and no charge. What great service!
    The parking lot was unpaved and the clubhouse was smaller than expected. Taboo does not give you much of an impression from the road.
    I understand the GPS system on the carts is going to be replaced.
    The course is easy to navigate.
    The driving range is like no other.
    The staff is like no other.
    The greens are like no other.
    Need I say more?
    Playing a professional course put my game into a better perspective. Inside the clubhouse there's a scorecard of Mike Weir's with a round of 64. At most courses we play a round of golf in the upper 80's or low 90's. I figure we each added about 10 strokes to our score at Taboo and we weren't playing from the back tees.
    I am now humble.
Date: 2006-Jun-11 Review by Dan L
    Holy moly, were these greens fast. Probably the fastest I've ever played. Excellent speed, condition, size, and design.
    Nice and narrow fairways, the way I like it. Beautiful shape, with rocks and such here and there. Very tough.
    Super shaped tees, and not too small. Good yardage signs that seem to be quite accurate.
    WOW! Unbelievable course design, and layout. Whoever had the opportunity to create this course must have loved what they had to work with. Beautiful landscape and elevations.
    Tough to rate "value for dollar" as we're not used to playing this caliber of course and price. I'm very happy to have played such an amazing course even if it was almost $200.
    Very tough course for the average golfer, but still worth trying. Kind of humiliating in a way. A true humbling experience.
    Until I've been around the world and played more courses, it's hard to say that it's the nicest. I must say that Taboo is in the top five that I've ever seen on TV or with my own eyes.
    Unbelievable staff! What more can I say? I don't know how they could do any better. Keep up the great work Taboo staff.
    Nice looking place with some artistic design to it, but not as big as one would think. Parking lot wasn't paved either, but that's a simple fix.
    Truly amazing...
    I guess if was a Torontonian, and I had a lot of cash, this would be one of the reasons I would have a cottage in the Muskoka's...for the opportunity to golf at TABOO.
Photos: 2006-Jun-11

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