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Leadbetter's Quick Tips
David Leadbetter © 2006
Price: $11.08 (Amazon.ca)

Leadbetter's Quick Tips is a GolfDigest book. This probably means that the tips are extractions of David Leadbetter published articles gathered under one cover; but nowhere could I confirm this. The book is broken into 8 chapters which allows you to select your area of weakness and (hopefully) be aided to a solution.

This book is a sort Mr. Fixit for golf. I wouldn't recommend it as a "must purchase" but it does have some different tips that I haven't seen before. Leadbetter's Quick Tips is a worthy look to cure what ails you.

The book is 171 pages but reads much shorter as there are many pictures surrounded by brief text. You may find instant relief to your golf flaws.

Lifetime Loser
James Ross © 2007
Price: $19.89 (Amazon.ca)

When J Dub (J. W. Schroeder) joins forces with Lew Zerrmann in ownership of a golf course he didn't know what he was getting into. It looked like J Dub had found his home at the Prairie Winds Golf Course but years of deceit unfold. A lengthy court battle ensues that keeps us all waiting for justice.

A great deal of time is spent developing the main characters of Lifetime Loser and no villain is more hateful than Lew Zerrmann. I couldn't wait to see what would happen to this despicable being in the end.

This is the first of a series of fictional golf books by James Ross and a worthy start to a series.

Masters Journal 2009
© 2009
Price: $12.00 (Chapters)

At the time of this review (May 10, 2009) the Masters Journal 2009 could still be found on magazine shelves across the country even though the event has been over for a month. And, like watching the event on television, you'll find a minimal amount of advertising inside the Journal unlike other publications.

A quick look at the contents and you'll find; Vijay Singh's hole-by-hole assessment of Augusta National, a look at the 2008 winner Trevor Immelman, Slammin' Sam Snead and the story of the first green jacket, plus a lot of other readings on the past history of the event.

Take a visit to the Masters website (http://masters.org) and you can readily purchase previous years Journals along with this one.

Mere Golf
Joseph M. Durso © 2015
Price: $1.23 (Amazon.ca)

I received a recommendation to read this book on the day it was free for Amazon Kindle. Although short on words the words speak volumes compared to many other golf books. It would be great to carry a few copies of Mere Golf in my bag that I could hand out to those casual golfers that think a bit too highly of their game or get easily frustrated for reasons that are only known to them. Attitude speaks volumes.

Mere Golf is a short read that will only take an hour or two away from the course. The book is broken into 21 chapters and is focused on the enjoyment of the game and less on the technical aspect. There are no pictures or diagrams that clutter, or confuse the reader. Mere Golf was enjoyable to read and like this book, don't we all want to enjoy the game of golf?

Mike Weir: Golf Master
Peter Bailey © 2007
Price: $11.51 (Chapters.ca)

Currently, there are three books published about Mike Weir. I have read On Course with Mike Weir and this book. Surprisingly, if you've read one, you've read the other. Take out the instructional portion of On Course with Mike Weir and the two books read so similar that one would figure the same author wrote both. Mike Weir: Golf Master contains a bit more current information because it's newer but the remainder of the book reads like a cut and paste.

A quick read of 80 pages will give you Mike Weir's journey to becoming one of the top golfers in the World highlighted by becoming the first Canadian to win a green jacket at the Masters in 2003.

Want to save some money? If you're a Mike Weir fan, buy either Mike Weir: Golf Master or On Course with Mike Weir, but not both.

Miracle on the 17th Green
James Patterson & Peter de Jonge © 1999
Price: $11.78 (Chapters.ca)

Travis McKinley pursues a goal of playing on the PGA Senior Tour after finally figuring out how to putt during a round of golf on Christmas Day. Amongst the turmoil of a marriage breakup and the loss of his job Travis final figures out what's important in life.

This is the first James Patterson book I have ever read and it certainly doesn't make me want to read another. Miracle on the 17th Green is a very simple story and offers no surprises. It actually reads like it should reside in the Young Adults section and rings of selling a book based on an author's name rather than quality of content.

Moe & Me
Lorn Rubenstein © 2012
Price: $9.95 (Chapters.ca)

A fellow asked Moe Norman if he could hit a draw then a fade. Moe said, "Yes, I can, but why would I, I can hit it straight."

Another asked Moe why he never practiced out of sand traps. "Why would I? I hit the ball in the fairway."

Moe Norman was inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame in 1995. Over the course of his career he won back-to-back Canadian Amateur titles in 1955 and 1956. He turned professional in 1957, played briefly on the PGA Tour, and had a lustrous career winning the Canadian PGA Championship twice and the Canadian PGA Seniors' Championship 8 times. Along the way he collected 17 aces. A self-taught golfer, he was described as unconventional in the way he dressed and played the game.

Lorne Rubenstein's book, Moe & Me, provides a wonderful insight into Moe Norman. Often I've heard the name, Moe Norman, but never knew much more than him being a part of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. I'm glad someone took the time to the time to write a book and provide us with an opportunity to learn more about this Canadian golf icon. Thank you, Lorne!

My Life In and Out of the Rough
John Daly (with Glen Waggoner) © 2006
Price: $8.75 (Amazon.ca)

How John Daly operates his life is a puzzle to many of us. A surprising win at the age of 25 at the 1991 PGA Championship followed by unexpected victory at the 1995 British Open were the start of a great career. With two majors under his belt before the age of 30 one can only ask what John's true potential could have been if many of the distractions were removed from his life.

My Life in and Out of the Rough is a personal account of "Long John's" life to date. Whether you believe every event that has occurred with the same vision as John is another question. Many times I was asking, "What if?" and "Why?" I just can't imagine that someone having the ability to achieve so much could throw it away so many times.

John Daly is one of golf's most flamboyant and charismatic characters on the PGA Tour, ever. Even with having lost his 2007 Tour Status many Tour events have already extended invitations. There is certainly some mystic about John's ability to drive the ball over 300 yards with regularity, add in his gambling habits, alcohol history, marriage breakups, and the daily average of consuming 15 Diet Cokes and you've got, well, a character.

Just as John Daly on the golf course is a sweet relief from many of the other tour players, so is his book. You're not going to find anything inside the cover to help you with your golf game but you may learn what 'not' to do with your life.

I had the pleasure of playing the John Daly designed Thundering Waters Golf Course in Niagara Falls, Ontario, this past May, 2007. I was expecting a "grip it and rip it" style course but surprisingly it has been one of the few courses this year that was a true thinking man's course. Nice work, John!

On Course With Mike Weir
Mike Weir (with Tim Campbell & Scott Morrison) © 2001
Price: $4.99 (Chapters)

On Course with Mike Weir is really two books in one. The first half is a biography and the second half is instructional. The book contains many colour photos and is a quick 157 page read.

The biography portion is a rather nice insight into Mike Weir. Not really knowing anything about the man besides being Canadian and having won the 2003 Masters, I found the bio just enough to get to know a bit about his background and work ethics.

The "Mike's Mechanics" section progresses through Swing Changes and Fundamental techniques. Not a lot of substance here to which I found didn't add a lot of value to the book. There are many other books that do this type of thing in a much better and more in depth manner. Buy this book for the bio and not for the instruction.

I imagine the reason for the reduction in price of this book is due to the fact that Mike is once again working at changing his swing. I guess the mechanics described in this book may no longer apply and the second half of the book should be retitled, "The way I used to do it".

Opur's Blade
James Ross © 2010
Price: $18.95 (Amazon.ca)

There are so very few authors writing golf fiction that it's always a pleasure to read one when the opportunity arises. I ran across Opur's Blade on Facebook and the author, James Ross, was kind enough to send me a copy for review.

Opur's Blade follows the life of Owen Purler Jr. (aka. "Opur") from birth to late teens where his golfing destiny finds him competing in "The Classic". (Dare I say "The Masters"?) The events leading to Opur's success are quite remarkable. After being signed up for golf lessons by his mother, despite his fathers objections, Opur's potential is realized by a golf pro named J Dub Schroeder. Opur's knack with a putter is uncanny and, as a reader, Opur's success is never doubted. I'm going to stop here as going into further detail would only spoil a good read.

I really enjoyed the characters created by the author. Many of them I feel I have met at the golf course at some time or another. Opur's Blade is a worthy addition to my bookcase of golf books. This book cries for a sequel and is written like it was meant for one.

Pabby's Score
James Ross © 2011
Price: $19.95

It's always nice to kick off the golfing shoes and sit back to read a James Ross novel. Pabby's Score is James Ross' fifth book and it continues using the same Prairie Winds Golf Course characters established in his previous novels.

With Pabby's Score James takes on more challenging subjects of society. Getting to know Pabby and Shea, two teens with special needs, brings out strong feelings for characters and more than likely to a reader as well. On top of this you can add in a corrupt police force, dishonesty in the judicial system, and an Internet dating service. Can things get any more diverse?

Pabby's Score provided me with a few unexpected surprises I'll refrain from being a spoiler and keep you waiting for the December 2011 publication.

Playing Through
Peter Post © 2003
Price: $15.52 (Chapters.ca)

After reading the first third of Playing Through I was going to say that this is one book that every golf should be given to read; but then the book hit a few snags. It touched on a few areas where I completely disagree. Firstly, it was suggested that if a caddie is offered, you should accept. Call me cheap but if offered a caddie and having to pay extra for it, I'm out. I believe caddies are a thing of the past and it should stay that way. Secondly, in the where to stand section it was identified that you should never stand behind the direction of the shot. Hey, if I can't stand behind the ball then don't expect any help with finding it. In many cases our foursome waits until fellow golfers can get in position directly behind the ball flight. Perhaps this section is for 20 year old eyes.

In general Playing Through contains lots of good examples that most golfers have encountered and are perturbed about. Some nice tips are offered about getting a desired result without insulting other golfers. I even noticed a few quirks that I do that I will endeavor to quit.

Golf etiquette really does matter and reading Playing Through can only make you a better person to play with.

Pressure Golf: Overcoming Choking and Frustration
Michael Clarkson © 2003
Price: $4.98 (Chapters.ca)

Every one has the fear of choking at whatever sport they participate in. Although Pressure Golf focuses on golf the techniques in the book can easily be translated to other sports.

Pressure Golf is broken into four strategies with sub-chapters in each section. Awareness, Pressure Management, Focus, and Managing Your Emotional Chemistry are identified as the key strategies.

While the book does provide a good selection of quoted techniques used by both professionals and amateurs it tends to be a bit long-winded. I found reading Pressure Golf difficult to take in large doses. It really didn't provide me with any solutions and I found the ideas standard and typically what one might think would work to overcome whatever mental part of your golf game is troubling.

Sorry, this just wasn't my kind of book.

Putting My Way
Jack Nicklaus (with Ken Bowden) © 2009
Price: $19.40 (Chapters.ca)

For someone with putting problems this book contains excellent content but still can't touch Harvey Penick's Little Red Book. The insight and theory that Jack put into his putting process will help you understand what made him one of the greatest golfers of all time. It was also nice to read an instruction book that didn't mention the "yips" until deep between the covers.

This 142 page putting book reads much quicker than a normal book of this size and it's not due to photos or drawings. Putting My Way uses a large font and most pages contain only half a page of text. I found the large font enabled me to absorb the details of what is needed to make one a great putter. <i>Putting My Way</i> is a great addition to any golfers library.

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